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Holistic Massage
60 minute session specifically tailored to each client using a combination of Swedish,  Balinese and Hawaiian techniques, using a choice of aromatherapy oil
                                              £40        35 minute session:                                            £25                                                                                     
Myofascial Release
60 minutes sessions tailored to the needs of each client using a range of MFT techniques.         £40                  
As each technique takes at least 5 minutes, longer sessions can sometimes be more beneficial and can be arranged at an additional £10 for each 15 minutes. 

Desk Worker's Massage
35 minute session working on the upper and lower back, hamstrings, shoulders and neck, specifically designed to ease the aches and pains frequently exhibited by those spending long hours on the computer. 
Natural Lift Facial Massage
35 minute session combining Japanese and Indian facial techniques with acupressure and facial reflexology; designed to improve the complexion and reduce facial tension.                              
Gift Vouchers available
Evening and Saturday appointments available
Balinese Painting
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