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 Holistic massage


'Holistic massage is an individual treatment specifically tailored to each client. A holistic practitioner treats the client as a whole, taking into account their emotional and spiritual well-being, as well as their physical body.'

​Massage Training Institute

This means I'll use my knowledge of Swedish, Balinese, Hawaiian and myofascial release techniques to create a massage to address your specific needs. 

Myofascial release

Following a client consultation and postural assessment I'll use a combination of integrated myofascial techniques in order to promote a sense of wellness and health.

Facial rejuvenation/natural lift facial massage

This massage combines Japanese and Indian facial massage techniques and incorporates acupressure and facial reflexology. We often hold stress in our faces, whether it's a clenched jaw or a furrowed brow. Massage not only relaxes the face but it can stimulate the nervous system and improve the flow of blood to the muscles. This combination of benefits can reduce fine lines and sagging skin, making you look and feel younger.

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