A brief history of Balinese MAssage

Like many aspects of Balinese culture, Balinese massage is a fusion of traditions. The earliest influences were be the Ayurvedic practices of Indian traders who began visiting the Spice Islands of Indonesia 2000 years ago. They would use scented oils and focus on improving health. Soon after Chinese traders and Buddhist monks introduced the ideas of Chinese medicine and pressure points.   Much later the use of massage for relaxation or as a beauty treatment was inspired by the princesses at the royal courts on the neighbouring island of Java who, in the mid 15th century, fled to Bali to avoid persecution.  More recently Bali has become recognised as one of the world's best spas destinations and these luxurious spas have introduced additional massage techniques from around the world.

My experience, as a receiver and giver of Balinese massage, is that the combination of pressure and long strokes on the back, legs and feet, and gentler massage of the hands, arms and face, results in a massage that can be both energising and relaxing at the same time.  

Winner of Contemporary Spa of the Year, Indonesia 2017 and Winner of Luxury Spa of the Year, Indonesia 2018

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Me and my teacher at the award winning Tamarind Spa